Who We Are

VCG is revolutionizing the traditional model of a tax advisor by partnering with relationship-focused business leaders to resolve their complex business and tax challenges through a productive and collaborative holistic process.

What We Do

Why Do We Do This


We want to make a difference and help you succeed.


We have your back acting as your guide and we work together shoulder-to-shoulder with you.


We focus on relationships and strive to be your business partner.


We work with the facts to provide you with results.


We work hard to provide you with proactive creative solutions that best meet your needs.


We listen to you and are in this together.

Our Philosophy

VCG is changing the traditional tax consulting model by partnering with clients year round and becoming an integral part of their team.

We strive to be a consistent trusted advisor rather than a commodity or hired-gun offered to panic-stricken clients.

The result of this partnership will be the elimination of surprises, crises, and needless worry. There will be no need to save the day at the last minute because we will be with you every step of the way.

VCG is positioned to become the revolutionary model of tax consulting: servicing clients around the globe and positioning the role of CPA as a trusted confidant who helps their clients’ increase their bottom line and virtually eliminates crisis situations.

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